American Rockers HYDROGYN Have Announced Two New Additions To The Band

After the passing of bassist Chris Sammons, guitarists Jeff Boggs and Jeff Westlake as well as drummer John Cardilino were immediately left without an answer.

So, they approached Holly Hines and Jacob Freed of Angels Revenge to fill the vocal spot and bass duties with Hydrogyn.

Boggs and Westlake have a connection with the former Angels Revenge members. Westlake has produced two albums for Hines in the past nine years, and Boggs lent his guitar prowess to the Angels Revenge album a few years back.

With the band back at full strength, Hydrogyn also is announcing a new release for the spring of 2020.

“There are several pieces of music that are currently being worked on by the band” says Cardilino.

“This is such a natural progression and fit for me personally that it’s scary “ stated Westlake.

There are no expectations for anything other than a high level of excitement based on the history between everyone involved.

“It’s exciting based on my work with them in the past and knowing these two for a while made it all come together instantly” states Boggs.

With a couple of tracks under their belts and writing continuing through the end of this year, Hydrogyn is in full gear. Look for the new release in spring of 2020.

As more information comes available it will be released.

Hydrogyn is:

Holly Hines Freed- vocals

Jacob Freed - bass

John Cardilino - drums

Jeff Boggs and Jeff Westlake - guitars

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