Hydrogyn - Best Served With Volume 
Release date 
August 2004
Label - DA Records

In 2004 I put together a band with a stronger line of focus. I started the band with my brother Jeff Boggs. We added Jason Fields on Bass and back ground vocals and Jerry Lawson on Drums. 

We auditioned many vocalist over a period of time and just never found that person. With nothing left and dates closing in we turned to Julie who was a country singer who wanted more. In 2 weeks she learned 3 hours of covers and HYDROGYN was born. 


In June of 2004 the band started writing original music. By the end of August we had a collection of tracks written and recorded. 


The idea was to be able to get what the band was across to the talent buyers and clubs. 


We ended up packaging the product up and making it available to the public. Only 300 were printed. 

This product which is known as Best Served With Volume is also the thing that got producer Michael Wagener involved with the band and on board for the next release BOMBSHELL

Best Served With Volume (2009)

  • Track Listing

    1. What I Want
    2. Get Out
    3. Big Star
    4. Mutilated Mind
    5. Take Control
    6. Breaking Me Down
    7. King Of Gunndore (Minas Tirith)
    8. The Sand
    9. Come Back To Me