HYDROGYN- Bombshell
Release dates 
SEPTEMBER 2006-Europe
OCTOBER - Rest of the world 
Label - DA Records
Produced by: Michael Wagener

In March of 2005 I was asked by Scott Neill who acted as our manager, videographer and friend whom I would want to produce our next album. My response was Michael Wagener. Next thing I know Scott hands me his phone number and said “how bad do you want it”? 


That very instant I picked up my phone and called him. To my total disbelief he answered and spent about 20 minutes on the phone with me and set an appointment for March 16 (the following Wednesday) for 11 am. 


So the 15th Julie, Jeff Boggs and myself went to Nashville where we spent the night . The next day we went to WIREWORLD and met with Wagener. We struck a deal and set a time frame. 


On July 4th of 2005 we loaded into WIREWORLD studio to start tracking what was to become BOMBSHELL. With this process we changed Bass players. Out was Jason Fields and in stepped Dave Moody (Billy Ray Cyrus, Thunderstruck) on short notice . Dave was amazing. The band were in the studio from July 4th until September 6th. Then a week off to gather thoughts and then Michael started the mixing process which was about 2 weeks long. 


In October of 2005 the now infamous BOMBSHELL photo shoot took place with John Scarpati at the helm. The iconic cover was created after 2 days and 26 hours of work just in the shooting aspect. The Scarpati finished his magic and the album title came forward.  


The album was not released until September and October 2006 but it was perfect timing. The buzz in the meantime through the press was building . The album chatted in America on three different charts in Billboard magazine and led to a full European tour starting in February 2007.  


Yielding the tracks, Blind, Breaking Me Down , The Sand and Book of Names Bombshell lived up to its hype.

Bombshell (2006)

  • 1. Vesper Song
    2. Blind
    3. Look Away S.P.
    4. Breaking Me Down
    5. Ive Been Waiting
    6. Confession
    7. Love Spoke
    8. Back In Black (AC/DC Cover)
    9. The Sand
    10. Whisper
    11. Circle
    12. Book Of Names
    13. Come Back To Me
    14. Mutilated Mind