HYDROGYN - Deadly Passions
Release Date June 12 2008
Produced By: Jeff Westlake & Michael Wagener
Engineered by Michael Wagener, Steve Riley, Jeff Westlake and Davo Chandler
Released on DR2- Demolition UK

DEADLY PASSIONS was the next step. Totally different from Bombshell however. It was totally different from Strip’em Blind Live as well. Gone was Jeff Boggs. Temporarily Craig Goldy Of DIO was involved but that wasn’t meant to be either. 


From the time we finished BOMBSHELL I started writing material for the next album. We were playing non stop and any where we could. During that storm Wagener had tapped us to be his inhouse recording band for his recording work shops. 


From about January 2007 until December 2007 we did 3?workshops that yielded Candles Light Your Face, Silent Animation and I know that all ended up on DP. The remaining tracks were tracked at Smash Hits Studios in Huntington WV with Steve Riley engineering and performing on the album. 


Recorded from January 9th through February 27th and mixed in March originally by John Billings in Nashville And mastered by Independent Mastering also in Nashville . 


Skateboard Marketing and Munsey Ricci were brought on board to work the album to radio. The result was a great success as the band was the the 6th most added band to radio in North America for 2008. The band went on to do a full tour in support of the release that went until Christmas of 2009. 


In 2011 the album was remixed and remastered.

Deadly Passions (2008)

  • 1. Rejection
    2. On and On
    3. Your Life
    4. Deadly Passion
    5. You Oughta Know (Alanis Morissette cover)
    6. Over U
    7. Candles Light Your Face
    8. Seroquil
    9. Silent Animation
    10. Shadow
    11. I Know