HYDROGYN - Strip’em Blind Live
Release Date - July 24 2007
Produced by: Jeff Westlake 
Engineered by : Terry Withrow
Live Sound: Davo Chandler

Recorded in Charleston WV in front of 15 thousand people at the Charleston Sternwheel Regatta

Labor Day September 1st 2006 we were invited to play the Charleston Sternwheel regatta by the area Radio station Rock 105. 

We were the opening band in front Of Co head liners Warrant and Quiet Riot. 

We were afforded a 70 minute set which is just unheard of for new comers but man did we take advantage of it. The crowd was on fire and a big portion was there for us. 


We played stuff from both Bombshell, Best Served With Volume and one new one (I Know) from the up and coming Deadly Passions.  The night was electric as was the band. Sit back and enjoy. Next up is Deadly Passions

Strip 'Em Blind Live (2007)

  • 1. Blind
    2. Vespers Song
    3. Breaking Me Down
    4. Ura-kia Scream
    5. Mutilated Mind
    6. Big Star
    7. Ive Been Waiting
    8. Confession
    9. Look Away
    10. I Know
    11. Book Of Names

    (Bonus Track) - The Sand