Released: May 2016

Label: Rapid Fire


My first true solo effort. This came from a lot of encouragement from Terry Withrow. I had asked Terry early in 2015 to produce a song for me. In October of 2015 we did that dong which was SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE. After that track turned out as good as it did we went forward and did an entire album. The album is a mixture of classic and southern style rock with an over laying of blues throughout it all.


The album took far too long too complete but it served perfectly for the place I was st the point in time.


Very different from what I am known for but a part of me that I always needed to get out and I am glad I did.

Jeff Westlake - In The Key Of Blue (2016)

  • 1. Midnight Whispers

    2. Heart To Burn

    3. So Much Love To Give

    4. Who Gets Voodooed

    5. Love Your Way

    6. In The Key Of Blue

    7. What's In The Fire

    8. Queen Of Sorrow

    9. Mountain

    10. Just Like Before (Bonus Track)