HYDROGYN - Judgement
Release Date - October 31 , 2010
Produced By Jeff Westlake and Michael Wagener
Engineered By : Michael Wagener and Jeff Westlake 
Released By Rapid Fire Entertainment world wide except Europe by Bad Reputation 


It was at this time that Julie was losing some interest. The cycle of tour, write and record was starting to get to her. We had also recorded a solo album for her in 2009. 


Jeff Young who was once in Megadeth and I had talked and he was interested into getting back into rock. We met through Wagener. So we talked and decided to try it out and see if we could do an album . Jeff and I got along great but the direction he brought into the band was of no interest to Julie. We were at a cross roads in our direction. I wanted to stay heavy with melody but aggressiveness . Young wanted to be more prog but again with Melody. Julie, she wanted music with more pop sensibility . 


It was a long grueling ordeal. We brought in Joe Migz from New York to play drums. Fantastic player and even better person. Gone from the band was Chris Sammons. We had no idea where he was but he was M. I. A. 


During the process Young used his influence to get James Lomenzo on Bass and Dug Pinnick to do one track . Also on the album was Josh Kitchen for one track on drums and Josh Cumberland on another track. 


Michael Wagener produced Right Thing Now , Gonna Getcha (both with Chris Sammons on Bass)and Don’t be my Judge all for his workshops . The rest was done at Ridgeline studio in Ashland KY. 


The album was finally finished and we set the release date . At the last minute Julie wanted Young erased from the album.

Jeff Boggs was brought in at the last minute to replace guitar parts on a few songs. 2 new tracks were also added to fill two of Jeffs tracks that were pulled. 


With all the drama the album still charted Billboard upon its release. 

There was only one show played in support of this album.

Julie had developed a serious thyroid issue that could of been fatal so all shows were pulled. 

Judgement (2010)

  • 1. Lost Reality
    2. Right Thing now
    3. Alone
    4. Self Destruct
    5. Gold Dust Woman
    6. Medicate
    7. Big Star
    8. Gonna Getcha
    9. Too Late
    10. Dont Be My Judge
    11. Assault Attack (Bonus Europe)
    12. Deadly Passion (Bonus Europe)
    13. Candles light Your Face (AV) (Bonus Europe and US)
    14. King of Gunndore (bonus US)