Release Date: June 11 2013
Produced by: Multiple people
Engineered by: Multiple People
See original album notes for producers and engineers.
Label : Rapid Fire

Particles is kind of a best of with really cool additions. Upon thinking about putting out a release that the fans would really like I thought to myself I wonder what they would like? Then I put myself in their shoes and I went back and remember all the cool things they kiss would put in their releases and then one box that started coming out I remember thinking how cool all those were because of all the extras that were involved in them.

With that in mind we went through and looked for all the demos that would go with each one of the songs and kind of get a history to the fans to let them see and hear exactly how songs will come into shape. I think most people think when you write a song that’s it and that’s the way it gets recorded but in reality that’s the furthest thing from the truth 97% of the time.

With that in mind we set out to do just what I just explained and decided to include a 44 page booklet with it having comments made from different people inside of those projects to include Guest Musicians as well . 

This is by far to date the largest release the band put out but I also think in many ways it is the coolest release being able to hear all the demos from white lid into becoming the songs that they were. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did putting it together and welcome to particles.

Particles (2013)

  • Disc 1

    1. Book of names (pre pro)
    2. Book of Names
    3. Get Out
    4. Big Star (2004)
    5. Blind (Live)
    6. King Of Gunndore
    7. Come Back To Me (pre pro)
    8. Come Back To Me
    9. Take Control (pre pro)
    10. Love Spoke (Acoustic)
    11. Love Spoke
    12. Back In Black
    13. 18 & Life
    14. S.P. (pre pro)
    15. Look Away
    16. Breaking Me Down
    17. Mutilated Mind (Live)
    18. Confession
    19. The Sand (Live)

    Disc 2

    1. Rejection
    2. If These Walls Could Talk
    3. Over U (Demo)
    4. Over You'To Live For The King
    5. Going To Town (Demo)
    6. Piano For Julie
    7. Shadow (Demo)
    8. Shadow
    9. Silent Animation (Demo)
    10. Silent Animation 
    11. Seroquil (Live)
    12. Candles Light Your Face
    13. Oughta Know
    14. Still Of The Night Rainbow
    15. Ozzy Tune
    16. Gonna Getcha
    17. If Ever A Day


    Disc 3

    1. Medicate
    2. Rusted Love
    3. Big Star
    4. Gold Dust Woman
    5. Scream (Demo)
    6. Scream
    7. These 2 Hearts
    8. Feeling
    9. Understand
    10. It Doesn't Matter
    11. Assault Attack
    12. Heatest Nights (Demo)
    13. Heatesd Nights
    14. Roseline's Song
    15. Barracuda
    16. Freak Like You
    17. Givn Ur Luv Away
    18. Heaven's On Fire
    19. Alone