HYDROGYN - Private Sessions
Released - April 17 2012
Produced by : The Atlantic Connection (Liotard, Dura, Westlake and Jublin
Engineered By: Patrick Liotard  and Jeff Westlake 
Released on : Rapid Fire Global Music 


Private Sessions , a first in many ways. Mickael Jublin had come too me and asked me what I thought about working with his crew. My answer was, let’s do a song and see how it goes. The song that we chose was a cover of heavens on fire from KISS. 


So we sat out on the job at hand and by the end I told Mike , let’s do it. 


It took some convincing with Julie to go the record but too this day I feel it was her best work. This was the first album from us that Julie actually was responsible for the majority of the lyrics and melodies. She really delivered on a big scale with album. 


Liotard, Dura and Jublin also delivered in a big way as well. When the album was finished I was quite happy with what we all were able to accomplish. 


The album was a critical success as well as a commercial success. With the plan to tour the album. This album rivaled Bombshell and Deadly Passions so the excitement had returned. We did however get some flack for the first cover without Julie on it since BSWV.


Then some tragedy again struck on a personal level and put touring on the back burner.  There was one show that took place for this album and it was recorded.

Private Sessions (2012)

    1. Something To Say
    2. Forbidden Kind
    3. Scream
    4. I Don't Know How
    5. Heated Nights
    6. Creeper
    7. Don'tcha Walk Away
    8. Roseline's Son
    9. Feeling
    10. Un Monde Perdu
    11. It Doesn't Matter