WESTLAKE -  Reality for Sale
Release Date 2002
Self Release
Produced by Westlake
Engineers: Tim Brown, Terry Withrow, Jeff Westlake and Rodney Crisp

With the initial recordings of Broken behind the band we played a ton of shows in the next couple of years . In the mean time we started writing new material to include Blind (later to become a hit for Hydrogyn) Disappear, Blame Me, Slip Away and some re recordings of the previous group of songs as well. 

Again recorded at Thunderbay Studios , this time I took over the bulk of the process due to Terry Withrow’s neck surgery that limited his ability to be there. 

This time the product was packaged professionally with a band photo shoot that as not done for Broken. 

Only 1000 copies were pressed of this product but well received. A brand new system of Pro Tools was used for this process. It was also my first time in control of a project and it shows but the overall sound was Much improved from Broken. 

The band was the same and very in sync with one another. Scott Niles especially  showed his talent. It was a fun product but proved to be the last time we would all record together. HYDROGYN was looming on the horizon .

Reality For Sale (2002)

    1. Disappear
    2. Blind
    3. Reality
    4. Waiting To Fall
    5. Bring You Down
    6. Not Your Saviour
    7. Chase The Ghost
    8. Slip Away
    9. Blame Me
    10. King Of Gunndore
    11. Maybe
    12. Inside Out