HYDROGYN - Redemption

Release Date- October 27 2017
Produced by: Jeff Westlake 
Engineered by: Jeff Westlake and John Parsons
Label- RFL Records


Redemption was the first album after the departure of Julie. In the process of everything that went on I had our Soundman the Reverend Davo Chandler call me up one night and tell me that he thinks he found a replacement for the vocal spot. Up until that point I had not even been thinking about the band or moving forward whatsoever. So I told Davo to set a meeting up and he did and I ended up within just a few days meeting the singer in which she was talking about which was and is Erica Parrott. 


Upon that initial meeting it was very very quick to figure out that Erica was very likable and I love her energy. So after our meeting she told me that she was playing a live show that weekend filling in for a vocalist and invited me out. So with that invitation myself and the Rev Went to witness her doing her thing. Upon seeing it and hearing it and then offered her up a disk with music and said if you can write you’ve got the gig. That was very quick and easy for her to prove that she did a great job.


From there we started writing for what was to become this album. All the sudden Chris Sammons was back in the band full-time, Jeff Boggs was back as well as John Cardilino on drums and everything was pretty much set to go. We wrote the album and record the album and fairly quick. Of time and it was very heavy aggressive which was much different to the last two albums that the band had done. 


The album you did a lot of great songs a lot of great energy and return to where the band was actually around 2009 to 2010. This is the album that should’ve came after deadly passions.


This album is quietly a great album and it is different for hydrogen a couple different ways but a real treat to have been a part of. Very heavy very aggressive very musical all the same time. It was great having my brother Jeff Boggs back in the van with me as well as the maestro on Bass Chris Sammons. I have been doing things with John Cardilino for years so the fact that John was there is always great and cannot be overlooked but at this point in life honestly I just expect him to be there.

Sit back and enjoy and taken everything that is redemption.

Redemption (2017)

  • 1. Fixir

    2. Devil God Devil

    3 Hey Ho

    4 In The End

    5. Jenny

    6. My Redemption

    7. Tailspin

    8. Suffering

    9. Down In Flames

    10. Break In Two