Release Date - October 29 2013
Produced and engineered by - 
Jeff Westlake 
Label - Roxx Down records 

Shark Snarlisle - vocals & guitar
David Anderson- drums& vocals 
Jeff Westlake - Bass 


Rothchyld is the result of a friend of mine and his vision for his music. I was asked to produce this album which then turned into be producing and playing bass on the record. It was a lot of fun so good music and great company as far as recording the album went. A ton of work in the preproduction realm getting all the songs ready but it was still fun and a very good album.

Rothchyld - Rothchyld (2013)

    1. Going Down Rockin
    2. KKK Kill You
    3. Calling All Rockers
    4. Wasteland
    5. Say What You Will
    6. Road Rage (Rampage)
    7. Rise Of The Serpant
    8. All About The Money
    9. Devils Queen
    10. Wylde Chylde
    11. Jerry