Release Date - June 2011
Produced by - Jeff Westlake , Jeff Boggs and Keith Ramsey 
Original label- jamsync
Currently out of print. Only available here on this site 

Keith Ramsey - Vocals
Jeff Boggs - guitar
Jeff Westlake - guitar & Bass 
Matt Sheen - drums 


This project was something that came out of nowhere. Upon being in Huntsville Alabama working with a close friend of mine Holly Hines at the time I was afforded the opportunity of meeting one Keith Ramsey.

Kieth who is a dead ringer for Zack Wylde not  only an appearance but also his vocals. Keith and I struck up a very quick friendship and I told him if you’re ever free and want to do a record let me know. That was in October or November 2010.


In February 2011 Kieth called me up and said hey I have a couple weeks off if you wanna try to do something and I told him come on up. So Keith came up to Ashland Kentucky from Huntsville Alabama for the next 17 days or so to work on what would become this album with me Jeff Boggs and Matt Sheen.  

Boggsy and I had been working on some material that we found was very much in the liking of one Mr. Ramsey. So literally we knew we had a limited window and somehow we were able to kick out an entire album in the amount of time the Kieth had to spend with us. There was days that we didn’t leave the studio we had pizza brought in and everything else so we could maximize what we were doing. 


The album turned out fantastic it had many different sides to it. Everything from metal to heavy swamp kind of music some southern rock just all mixed together to make up what this album is. I don’t know that I’ve ever had anything happen faster that was more gratifying and what this album is. It was a lot of fun and we have floating around with doing the follow up to this on a couple different occasions but he has yet to happen. So here is to the future and the possibilities of yet another album from this lineup coming together very soon.

URA-KIA (URA-KIA) (2011)

  • 1. New World Soldier

    2. Sea of Lies

    3. Fill Our Souls

    4. Hunting Fields

    5. Giv'n Ur Luv

    6. Prime Evil Brigade

    7. Calm Before the Storm

    8. Last Mile

    9. Wretched and Weary

    10. Queen of Sorrow

    11. Long Time Gone