Release Date - March 2000
Produced by- Terry Withrow
Engineered by - Terry Withrow

Scott Niles - guitar, vocals 
Nik Phelps - Bass
Rob Howard - Drums
Jeff Westlake - guitar, Bass , vocals 


Broken was an interesting time. I have been working with another guy by the name of Kelly Skaggs along with Rob Howard on drums putting together some original music. Terry Withrow who is behind all this Came to me and mentioned the name Scott Niles to me. I’ve never heard of Scott but Terry wanted and urged me to go check him out. So he was playing at a local club in Huntington and I went down and checked out a set.


Great vibe great voice a southpaw for a guitar player and just an overall good vibe. So a little bit later things just weren’t working out with Kelly so Terri got a hold of Scott and set up a meeting for him in the studio. Not at the time the studio was outback in Terri‘s garage and it was a new thing for everybody but we were still laying down tracks.


So after the conversation with Scott he decided to join the band and that is where Terry also had suggested the name Westlake for the band. I left that up to the other guys because having a band after my name just felt weird. So with the name decided we went back and looked at some of the music that we put together previously and Scott picked out what he liked and took it home in route to it. Wow that was going on we also put together some new material such as chase the ghost, not your savior, Bring me down etc.

With all that in place we decided to mix it down and have it available to us to sell st gigs which we found out was a good way to make some residual money. The tracks don’t really reflect how good the songs are because these tracks are nothing more than demo quality. I don’t know what it was at that time but it sure didn’t translate good to CD for the overall sound. Again everybody was new at it so I’m sure that had a lot to do with it but I have been asked time and time again about the stuff being released so here it is for the first time in almost 20 years. Again these are just demos but I hope that you enjoy them. Right after this was to be Westlakes reality for sale album in 2003.

Westlake - Broken Demos

    1. Lies
    2. Release Me
    3. Deep
    4. Not Your Savoir
    5. Chase The Ghost
    6. Undone
    7. What It Seems
    8. Acid Hoe Down